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The Niche

Hedn El'Abb
  • The Niche is the apse that represents the eastern wall of the Sanctuary, which surrounds the tribune.

  • It is often occupied with the icon of the Lord Jesus Christ coming on the cloud, carried by the Cherubim and the Seraphim, the four Living creatures, with the twenty four heavenly Presbyters offering incense. The Lord appears holding the planet Earth with one hand, for He is the Almighty one, and the pastoral rod with the other hand, for He is the Shepherd & Redeemer who liberates men from sin’s captivity.

  • Thus in this sense, the Niche represents the Bosom of God, for the Lord longs for His church, and she waits for His coming.

  • In front of this icon, a sanctuary lamp that is permanently lit, is fitted. It is known as the Perpetual lamp and represents the star which appeared to the wise men and guided them to where the Lord was born.

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