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Architectural Services. Visits for architects and artists by local architects in Cairo.




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About us

We are alumni members who graduated from the architectural school in Cairo almost 40 years ago.  Our admiration to the architecture of our city is the source of our gathering today to share the knowledge with other architects and artists from everywhere in the world.  Some of us became experts in the protection of the architectural heritage and some others specialized in the arts and crafts in connection with local artists in Cairo.  We aim to share this knowledge and open the horizon for new designers by organizing visits in our beloved city.  Please understand that we are not in the business of creating touristic tours.  There are plenty of companies for this.  Sharing our knowledge and having to do this exercise together is the only motivation for this service.  We will be delighted to adjust our visit programs to suit your needs and meet your expectations.  

Our understanding is that our visitors are responsible for purchasing travel insurance while we escort them in our visits
Il est entendu que nos visiteurs sont responsables pour acheter d'assurance voyage pendant nos visites.

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